Used candle jars are easy to clean out and repurpose.

Creative Ways to Reuse Your Candle Jars

You don’t have to toss out your old glass candle jars once the candle has burned down. With a little cleaning and creativity, you can repurpose them for various household uses. Here are some ideas to give your candle jars a second life:

Cleaning candle jars:

  1. Freezer method: Place the candle jar in the freezer for an hour, then use a butter knife or spoon to remove the remaining wax. Remove the wick and holder, and wash with hot soapy water to remove any residue.
  2. Hot water method: If freezer space is limited, pour boiling water into the candle jar and let it sit for a few minutes. The wax will loosen, allowing you to remove it easily. Clean the jar with soap and hot water.
  3. Label removal: To remove labels, use mineral oil and hot soapy water to lift the adhesive, or use a warm hairdryer to loosen the label, then peel it off.

Creative reuse ideas:

  1. Succulent containers: Use cleaned candle jars as sleek and matching pots for your succulents.
  2. Office supplies organizer: Store pens, paper clips, and other office supplies in candle jars to keep your workspace organized.
  3. Pinch pots: Repurpose shallow or miniature candle jars to hold salt, pepper, or to separate ingredients while cooking.
  4. Catch-all containers: Place empty candle jars on your vanity or in the bathroom to hold jewelry, hair accessories, or cosmetics.
  5. Mini herb garden: Add soil and seeds to candle jars to create a stylish and earth-friendly herb garden.
  6. Ambient lighting: Insert coiled fairy lights into empty candle jars and place them in your window for instant mood lighting.
  7. Regift with flair: Clean glass candle jars make unique gift boxes. Fill them with chocolates or other treats and decorate with a metallic bow.
  8. Upscale hurricane glass: Repurpose larger candle containers as vases, utensil holders, or decorative centerpieces by filling them with items like seashells or stones.

By repurposing your candle jars, you can reduce waste and give them a new purpose in your home.

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