In response to the increasing air pollution and the growing emphasis on environmental protection and resource conservation, there is a rising focus on the development of the green economy. Glass packaging containers are being advocated by the government as a preferred packaging material due to their environmental benefits. In the cosmetic packaging industry, glass bottles are gaining popularity due to their chemical stability, airtightness, transparency, high temperature resistance, and ease of disinfection. The combination of glass bottles with wooden lids aligns with the current market trend towards green and sustainable practices. Our company specializes in producing a wide range of glass containers with bamboo lids, including cream jars, essential oil bottles, hand sanitizer bottles, and cosmetic jars. These products not only promote an environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle but also provide a fresh and natural experience. In the future, we aim to expand our production of bamboo and wood lid cosmetic jars and introduce additional bamboo and wood lid glass products, each offering a unique and pleasurable experience.

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