Supernatural, the eco-friendly home care brand known for its low carbon footprint, has announced its entry into the antibacterial products market with the launch of Supernatural Hand Sanitizer. The hand sanitizer is made with FDA-recommended 65% ethyl alcohol and pure essential oils and comes in an 8oz spray bottle. The product is now available for purchase on Supernatural.com, either as a single bottle for $25 plus shipping or in discounted bundles with free shipping.

The company recognized the need for antibacterial products and wanted to offer a sustainable option for eco-conscious consumers. Supernatural worked diligently to pivot its production and create a naturally derived hand sanitizer that meets the demand. The brand aims to elevate the home care industry with extrasensory products that are natural, consciously crafted, effective, and pleasant smelling.

Supernatural Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer is made in the USA and kills 99.99% of illness-causing germs in 15 seconds. The 8oz glass bottle is reusable and toxic-free, lasting for approximately 3,000 sprays, which is equivalent to an average of 6-8 weeks or longer. The glass bottle provides protection from heat and avoids the breakdown and toxicity associated with plastic bottles.

Supernatural is committed to environmental sustainability and has partnered with the National Forest Foundation. For every bottle purchased, the brand will plant two trees to contribute to reforestation efforts.

Supernatural was founded by Suzy Batiz in October 2018 and focuses on essential oil and plant-based products for home care. The brand initially launched with non-toxic home cleaning Conscious Concentrates and has since expanded into essential oils and now hand sanitizer. Supernatural emphasizes its commitment to sustainability by shipping concentrated formulas that require only the addition of water and packaging products in reusable glass bottles, resulting in one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry. Suzy Batiz has been recognized as a Community Leader by the EarthX Foundation for her sustainability efforts through the launch of Supernatural.

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