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750ml MA3752

Bottle height:329.5mm


Advanced production technology

The company has 2 advanced automatic batching production lines, 2 75㎡ German SORG technology automatic control high-efficiency melting furnace, 1 EMHART electronic timing eight-group double-drop bottle making machine, 3 BDF full servo control electronic timing eight-group double-drop bottle making machine Machine, 2 domestic 8-group single-drop bottle making machines, 2 American STRUTZ 3-color high-speed printing machines, 1 Dutch ROSARIO 3-color printing machine, 1 Italian automatic RB-4/6 6-color printing machine, 6 automatic packaging line.

Strict quality control

The company is equipped with imported SGCC comprehensive inspection machine, domestic comprehensive inspection machine, linear pressurization testing machine, vertical load testing machine, thermal shock resistance testing machine, variable speed simulation canning testing machine, hot end coating mouth thickness gauge, thermal A series of inspection equipment such as end-coated bottle thickness gauges. The company adopts the Australian QIS2000 quality management information system to automatically track quality control and analysis throughout the entire process from raw material entering the factory, production process to finished product warehousing, and strictly control each process.

Perfect service system

The company has passed ISO9001 certification, UKS certification and SA8000 social responsibility certification. It is a glass recognized by international beverage and alcohol companies such as CocaCala, Pepsi-Cola, Inbev, and Diageo. Bottle supplier, well-equipped, advanced technology, is an enterprise with rich manufacturing experience.


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