Hexagon-shaped glass honey jars with twist-off lids.

The hexagon glass jar series is crafted from food-grade soda lime glass, ensuring safety and durability. The jars are dishwasher safe and made to last. The lug caps feature plastisol lining, which is a lab-certified corrosion-resistant material.

The hexagon glass jar offers a watertight and airtight seal, making it perfect for storing liquids, jams, honey, or baby food. Its attractive design not only adds beauty to your kitchen but also saves space. These versatile jars can be used for various purposes such as home and kitchen storage, garden use, or wedding decorations. They are suitable for storing juice, jam, spices, honey, dry food, candy, snacks, and more. The ergonomic hexagon shape allows for efficient storage and can be easily labeled with contents or dates. Additionally, the 1.5oz hexagon glass jar can be transformed into stylish magnetic spice jars, providing a convenient and visually appealing way to organize your spice cabinet. These durable containers feature strong magnets that securely attach to any metal surface, including refrigerators and cabinets. Spice labels are included to help you keep your spices and herbs organized while showcasing their natural beauty.

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