Robin McGraw, the wife of TV personality Dr. Phil, is actively searching for the individuals responsible for using her name and image in fraudulent skincare scams. After receiving reports from viewers who had their bank accounts drained by deceptive companies using McGraw’s likeness to promote their products, the couple decided to take action. Dr. Phil vowed on his talk show to relentlessly pursue the fraudsters until they are found. Some of the fraudulent companies used fabricated news stories with headlines like ‘Robin McGraw’s Reveals Her Biggest Beauty Secret Against Dr. Phil’s Wishes’ to promote their products. McGraw expressed her frustration at the scammers using her reputation to deceive consumers and steal their money. One victim shared her experience of falling for a scam after seeing an advertisement for a skincare product endorsed by McGraw on social media. The scammers promised free products, only charging for shipping, but proceeded to make unauthorized charges on her bank account. Dr. Phil contacted a lawyer who issued cease-and-desist letters to several of the businesses involved. One of the companies blamed an ad agency for running the fraudulent campaign. Some of the named companies implicated in the scams included Creme del Mar, Biofinite, Alluracell, Skinrefine, Allegro, and Montecito. The couple is determined to hold these fraudulent individuals accountable for their actions.

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