Over time, our love for food has grown and transformed. Nowadays, we not only pay attention to what we eat but also how we store it. Startling research indicates that nearly 40% of the food we purchase goes bad before we have a chance to consume it. One of the major culprits behind this waste is improper storage. Today, we will explore a range of storage ideas, both traditional and innovative, that are not only easy to implement but also highly effective.


Let’s begin with the classic options. Plastic containers have become a ubiquitous presence in every kitchen. They are known for their durability, affordability, and ability to withstand rough handling. Plastic bowls are particularly useful for storing items at room temperature, while sealed containers can safely refrigerate fish, meat, or vegetables without concern about odors permeating. However, one drawback of plastic containers is their tendency to wear out relatively quickly and absorb the aroma of the stored food. As a healthier alternative, glass containers have gained popularity. Not only do they offer a more sophisticated appearance, but they can also last for years if handled with care. Due to their sturdiness, they are ideal for storing cooked food and leftovers.


Now, let’s explore some new storage ideas. Green herbs such as coriander and basil have a reputation for spoiling quickly. Experts recommend transferring fresh herbs into small cups or jars filled with water and placing them in the freezer. Additionally, research suggests that vegetables like carrots, celery, and potatoes can maintain freshness for longer periods if stored in canning jars filled with water and refrigerated. Mason jars, similar to canning jars but with slight technical distinctions, have gained popularity. They feature a wide rim that provides a better sealing surface, effectively keeping air and moisture at bay. Although slightly more expensive, they are highly beneficial for storing dry items, salads, dip sauces, and even thick smoothies. Another buzzworthy innovation is stretchable silicone lids. True to their name, these lids can be stretched to fit any bowl, jar, or mug, instantly transforming them into containers. Silicone lids are also microwave, freezer, and oven safe, eliminating the hassle of transferring food to different bowls for storage or heating.

By utilizing these traditional and new storage ideas, we can reduce food waste and ensure our food remains fresh for longer periods of time.

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