Glass bottle raw materials in English and Chinese

In the normal production process, if the product appearance and physical and chemical performance indexes of the glass bottle are relatively good, and the qualified rate of the finished product is relatively high, the only drawback is that the impact

Resignation announcement

Dear Customer: Liu Yuming, the former manager of the foreign trade department of our company, terminated the labor relationship with our company on May 5, 2022 due to personal reasons. At the same time, our company solemnly declares that from the date of resignation, any business, commitments, and activities carried out by Liu Yuming will.

The development trend of foreign glass packaging industry

Save energy, improve melting quality, and extend the service life of the kiln. Another use of energy saving is to increase the amount of cullet. The amount of cullet in foreign countries is 60%-70%. The most ideal is to use 100% cullet to achieve the

The development status of my country’s glass industry

Introduction to Glass Glass is a solid substance made by high temperature melting and solidification of quartz pyrite, soda ash, limestone, feldspar, and broken glass as the main raw materials. Glass manufacturing has a long history. In 1500 BC,

Glass packaging materials and products

In all aspects of human life, production, culture, and science and technology, glass materials have played and continue to play an important role. Due to the excellent properties of glass materials, it is a commonly used packaging material in the